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 Advice pls...

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PostSubject: Advice pls...   Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:02 am

I just created a dimension police deck. Can all the pros here advise me on this. I had create a standing build rather than the popular crit(storm) one.
Grade 0(17)

Grade 1(15)
4 cosmoroar
4 ripple
2 daisy
1 laurel
4 diamond ace

Grade 2(10)
2 wave
4 grander
3 twin order
1 cosmobeak

Grade 3( 8 )
4 miracle beauty
4 rain

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Junior Duelist
Junior Duelist

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PostSubject: Re: Advice pls...   Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:23 pm

well i made the same build as well. I nvr tested the storm build b4 but I think rain build is more fun. It will be wordy but i think it will b useful to u... What i would do with ur deck it...

- Remove 3/4 grander (IMO 8k attack is nothing much, cant get through anything unless u got a boost, and most of the time u wanna just attack with this and not with the boost cos the stand from rain is to 1 unit.)

-Remove Daisy (Ur main attacker is ur vanguard. Although it may get full guarded, they cant sustain for 3 turns or more. Daisy 8k boost to which unit? I dont think any unit would b useful to boost as a rearguard or even the vanguard. But would b nice coz u nid a 2k boost only to get rain to 20k, which rain needs that 2k boost.)

-Remove twin order. (IF u want u can keep this but i didnt add it coz i found it not really needed coz u will have ur miracle beauty as ur other 2 rearguards. would b nice to help u have an intercept with a 10k)

- add 3 more laurel. (Laurel is like ur main piece of card for dp, in order to gain more hand size from drive checking. Even if u have 1 on the field u can use the rest to guard with)

- add more cosmobeak. (Even though rain only needs 2k boost, most of ur boost are 6k xcept daisy. You would like a 4k boost in order to make rain a 20k to force ur opponent to not guard or get a 15k guard.)

- Add 1/2 glory maker. (Awesome card plz, get a 10k boost if 4 dmg. getting rain to 20k with the necessary 2k boost to get rain effect, 22k is the best attack cos of the meta deck nowadays)

Some tips
- Use cosmoroar behind a miracle beauty. U boost with a cosmoroar to rain and use miracle beauty to attack. A 10k attack makes them guard with a 5k lessening their handsize. U just need 1 stand which is frm rain in order to stand both of them to use laurel effect.

- If ur opponent has a handsize of like 2/3 or lower, If u have alot of cosmo beak and roar in ur hand use them continuously to boost ur rain to like a 25k/30k vanguard and attack. They wont guard unless they have a full guard. Which they may have used it b4. Just take note how many perfect guard they used alrdy.

- try to intercept with ur cosmobeak most of the time, coz they are useless alrdy after they are summoned. 8k attack not that useful without a boost.

- try to sustain ur miracle beauties on the field as long as possible. Your needed card for DP. Needed just 1 stand trig mayb to attack again with ur her even with a boost. An Ideal field would b...

Laurel / GM / Cosmoroar
*GM - Glory Maker
MB - Miracle Beauty

Just boost with the cosmoroar, attack with the Miracle beauty and thn attack with ur rain with glory maker. U thn to drive check. If u get a stand trig stand either glory maker or miracle beauty thn rain effect stand the other and use laurel effect and rest 4 units and stand rain. If u drive check and get another stand, U just stand miracle beauty and the other miracle beauty from rain effect and attack again. Very Happy endless cycle u could say. Mostly use the 5k boost frm the trigs to rain.

Yea i think this is would be useful to u. Mostly it is my own POV. After I like thought abt this combo and got the deck I <3 DP now. and i m not a pro XD.
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Number of posts : 31
Age : 41
Location : Singapore
Registration date : 2012-03-23

PostSubject: Re: Advice pls...   Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:28 pm

Tks for the advices. I put grander in is coz if I cannot get cosmoroar, I still can use his effect to boost rain 12k. Unless he cannot attack at all.( he dun hv to hit to add the 2k)

I love this combo!!!! Must go get more cap laurel n Cosmo beak. Wink
I had included glory maker. Glad I m in the correct direction.

DP rocks!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Advice pls...   

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Advice pls...
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