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 inzektor vs Compulsory Evacuation Device

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Trainee Duelist
Trainee Duelist

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PostSubject: inzektor vs Compulsory Evacuation Device   Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:12 pm

qus 1: when inzektor target my face down Compulsory Evacuation Device to destroy, can i chain to bounce it back?
qus 2: When an inzektor is being summoned, can i bounce it back without it targeting a card to destroy?
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Millennium Earl
Millennium Earl

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PostSubject: Re: inzektor vs Compulsory Evacuation Device   Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:36 am

qn. 1. yes u can.

qn. 2. no you cannot. there's not a single inzector that destroys a card upon summoning.
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inzektor vs Compulsory Evacuation Device
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