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 Vanguard tourney at card sanctuary (jap)

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PostSubject: Vanguard tourney at card sanctuary (jap)   Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:05 pm

Card Sanctuary
Blk 729, Yishun St 71,
Singapore 760729

How to go there take bus 812 from yishun bus interchange, there will be 2 kind of 812 go to the 812 with the white color background(beside 851) and then u stop at the 5th bus stop you will see Blk 760 opposite of this block is the shop on that day u still cant find give me a call I will find u

Vanguard tourney 
every  Saturday
Registration start at: 3pm

Entry fee: $5

PR Card:(Promo Pack vol.4)

Tournament style: on the day then decide.


For 8-10 people:

1st: 8 vanguard booster pack
2nd: 5 vanguard booster pack
3rd: 3 vanguard booster pack

For 11-14 people:

1st: 10 vanguard booster pack
2nd: 6 vanguard booster pack
3rd: 4 vanguard booster pack

For 15-20 people:

1st: 15 vanguard booster pack
2nd: 9 vanguard booster pack
3rd: 5 vanguard booster pack

Maximum player:20

Minimum player:8

If less then 8 cannot start the tourney


Card thats without protector are no allow in the tourney. (except the start up vanguard)

If the player say don't cut my deck please inform the judge we will deal about this matter.

If anyone caught cheating or play against the rule will be DQ straight.

For more information please feel fee to contact me at 91462550

Thanks you.
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Vanguard tourney at card sanctuary (jap)
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