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 New Shop Tournament on 11/Dec/2011

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Trainee Duelist
Trainee Duelist

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PostSubject: New Shop Tournament on 11/Dec/2011   Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:51 pm

Kit's new shop tournament @ Clementi.

Date : Sunday 4/12/2011
Venue : Clementi

Registration time : 1.55pm - 2.25pm (tournament will start at 2.30pm sharp)

Entry fee : $8

Prize Pool:
1x Set of Duelist Box Secret Rare Exceed monster (Hope, Zenmaio, MX-Saber Invoker))
1x Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Boundary (Gold Rare)
1x Inverz Roach (Ultra)
1x No.61 Volcasaurus (Ultra)
1x XX - Saber Darksoul (Ultra)
1x Evolzar Laggia (Ultra)
1x No.16 Shock Ruler (Ultra)
1x Structure Deck 22 - Dragonic Legion

Lucky Draw
3x Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice
3x Yuma Protector

Format: Swiss Pairing using KTS/Computerized Pairing System
4/5 Round of Swiss cut off to Top 8 (Number of Swiss rounds played is depended on the number of turn-out that day)

1. Min 40 Cards, max 60 cards, Side Deck of up to 15 cards, Extra Deck of 0 to 15 cards.
2. Time limit of each match: 40 Mins
3. No fake cards or proxys allowed in this event
4. 1st SEP 2011 OCG Ban and Restricted list used in this event.
5. 19th March 2011 Priority Ruling in effect.
6. All Language of Yu-Gi-Oh cards allowed in this event including TCG exclusive.
7. The side of your Protector showing your card must be TRANSPARENT.
8. All stardard rules of Trading Card Games.
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Junior Duelist
Junior Duelist

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PostSubject: Re: New Shop Tournament on 11/Dec/2011   Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:35 pm

Turnout : 22

1st/2nd : Johann(TG Agent)/Xiao Mei (Tourguide rabbit)
3rd/4th : Sam (Wind-Up Inzecter) / Jeff (Hero Beat)
Bottom 4 (in no particular order) :
Shaun Lim (Karakuri)
Wei Ann (X-Sabers)
Eustace (Junk Doppel)
Dominic (Hero Beat)

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New Shop Tournament on 11/Dec/2011
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