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 Tournament At Card Sanctuary 19 NOV

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PostSubject: Tournament At Card Sanctuary 19 NOV   Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:21 pm

Entrance fee per team is $18 (No Promo Packs)
You Can Send Your Teams Profile To Early Register.
By sending your
(With Deck List)
To: (kohjunming@hotmail.com)

At Site registration will at 12pm at Card Sanctuary on that day itself.
On site registration is $18 entrance fee per team. (No Promo Packs)

Tournament Will Start At 3pm On 19 Nov 2011 (SAT)

There will be deck checks for each team before we start the tournament to make things fair.

How to go Card Sanctuary?
From Yishun Interchange take bus 812 (with the white colour background and beside 851) after 5 Bus stop you drop off from there you will see block 729

For peoples who do not know how to go please meet up at yishun MRT at 1PM and contact Edwin Chan at 91462550 he will meet up and bring you all there.

Top 4 Prize Pool (10-18 Teams):
1st 1 Box of CardFight!! Vanguard (BT01 To BT04)
2nd 18 Packs Of CardFight!! Vanguard (BT01 To BT04)
3rd 12 Packs Of CardFight!! Vanguard (BT01 To BT04)
4th 9 Packs Of CardFight!! Vanguard (BT01 To BT04)

Lucky Draw:
- 1 Bushiroad Vanguard Storage Box
- 1 CardFight!! Vanguard Storage Box Either (Kai) (Aichi) (Misaki)

1)A deck must consist of 50 cards exactly.
2)A deck may not contain more than four of any individual card. A deck must contain exactly 16 Trigger Units.
3)A deck may only contain 4 heal triggers.
4) No 3rd layer of Card Sleeves
5) Bargal cannot be used as starter Vanguard. (VG Rules)
6) No changing of deck list when the tournament starts~
7) Any rule broken here, the team will be disqualified.

Tournament Format Will Be Double Elimination
- There are 3 players in a Team.
- The Team Tournament is a 1-on-1 match.
- At the start of each Match, the Team has to select who to be the 1st fighter 2nd fighter and 3rd fighter.
- The format is
= The 1st Fighter will versus the 1st Fighter of the opponent's Team.
= The 2nd Fighter will versus the 2nd Fighter of the opponent's Team.
= the 3rd Fighter will versus the 3rd Fighter of the opponent's Team.
- Any side of the team with 2 wins first will be the winner of the Round.

- If any team that lose 2 times that team will be out from the tournament.

Any questions you can ask me through email kohjunming@hotmail.com or SMS me at 91682360
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Tournament At Card Sanctuary 19 NOV
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