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 Tournament @ Beauty World,Bukit Timah CardMaster Wed 24/8/11

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PostSubject: Tournament @ Beauty World,Bukit Timah CardMaster Wed 24/8/11   Mon Aug 22, 2011 3:58 pm

Tournament at CardMaster Beauty World Centre 24th August 2011, Wed
Registration Time :2.15pm
Tourney Starts : 2.45pm Sharp
Don't be Late thanks.

Latecomers will not be entertained unless u give me a call before hand. Pls do not be late

Beauty World Centre 144, (The building with Macdonald downstairs at Level 1)
Upper Bukit Timah road

Give me a call if you don't know how to come. Call would be easier to explain to u than sms Smile

Registration Fees: $8

March 2011 banlist will be use!
Prize Pool:

16 or less people (top 4 prize)
1 x 1/2 box of Starstrike blast jap box
1 x DP 08 Box
1 x SD 21
1 x Twin Pack Genf

16 or more people ( top 8 )
1 x Starstrike Blast Jap Box
1 x 1/2 Box Of Starstrike Blast Jap Box
1 x 1/2 Box of Extra Pack 2
1 x Dark World Structure Deck
1 x Gold Series 4 English
1 x Gateway of the Six Jap
1 x Junk Berserker Yu-Gi-Oh Protector 50pieces
1 x 100 Pieces of 3 layer protectors transparent

Prizes will change depending on turn out.

2 x PP13/Movie Pack and 1 x No. 34 Electronic Computer-Beast Tera Byte VJMP-JP060 will be given out as lucky draw.


1. Swiss pairings using Mantis/Computerized Pairing System

2. Swiss round pairings depending on number of particitants
1 - 8 People 3 Rounds
9 - 16 People 4 Rounds
17 - 32 People 5 rounds

Will try to keep it at 4 rounds if not enough time to have 5 rounds swiss

3. Top 8 playoffs

1. Min 40 cards Max 60 cards, Side deck of up to 15 cards, Extra Deck of 0 to 15 cards.
2. Time limit of each round: 40 mins
3. MARCH 2011 OCG Ban and Restricted list used in Tournament.
4. All language of Yugioh cards allowed in Tournament including TCG exclusive.
5. The Protector at the front of ur card must be TRANSPARENT.
6. Only genuine Yu-Gi-Oh Cards are allowed in this tournament.
7. Organizer and Head Judge retain all rights to disqualify any players whose behavior is of misconduct and/or for rule violations.
8. Tourney will strictly adhere to official OCG rulings.

Any enquires can contact me @81573157
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Tournament @ Beauty World,Bukit Timah CardMaster Wed 24/8/11
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