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 Super Bugman

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PostSubject: Super Bugman   Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:52 pm

If i special him can my opponent chain with bottomless ?
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Junior Duelist
Junior Duelist

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PostSubject: Re: Super Bugman   Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:52 pm

Super Crashbug EN text: Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from the hand) in face-up Defense Position, by banishing "Crashbug X", "Crashbug Y", and "Crashbug Z" from your Graveyard. Switch the ATK and DEF of all face-up Attack Position monsters on the field. There can only be 1 face-up "Super Crashbug" on the field.
Bottomless cannot negate summons, and Super Crashbug's effect are continous. You can chain Bottomless Trap Hole after sucessful summon.

Simmilar to Command Knight.
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Super Bugman
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