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 Agent Angel (need help here)

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PostSubject: Agent Angel (need help here)    Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:37 am

3x earth
3x venus
3x hyperion
2x kysita
3x herald of orange light
3x shine ball
1x Hecatrice
1x honest
1 monster reborn
1 dark hole
1 book of moon
1 giant trunade
2 mst
3x pot of duality

1x trap dust shoot
1x mirror force
1x judgement
1x torrential
2x d-prison
2x bottomless

Extra deck:
1x trishula
1x brionac
1x blackrose
1x stardust
1x gantesu
1x daigusto phoenix
1x Leviair the Sea Dragon

My deck i dun know should i add Jupiter? i find trap dust shoot quite useless,den should i remove kysita to put united we stand? some people say my deck should not play kysita but no kysita how to counter 6sam,bf or junk dopple? den can give me some advice in the extra deck? thanks
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Agent Angel (need help here)
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