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 regarding advanced rules

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PostSubject: regarding advanced rules   Fri Jul 01, 2011 5:02 pm

can someone explain in detail wat this statement below means, especially puzzled wif the effect of Auto??

■[永] (red icon) = passive
This effect _is_ activated once the conditions are met. You can't choose to not activate it.

■[自] (green icon) = auto
This effect will activate when the conditions are met. (compulsory effect)

You can't use it repeatedly. (by paying costs more than once)

You may choose to activate it or not, only if「~してもよい」(you may ~) is written in the effects description.

■[起] (blue icon) = activate
This ability can be used during your Main phase, once the conditions are met and u are able to pay the costs.

This ability can be used repeatedly during the same Main phase.

someone pllssss clear my doubt as this is urgent....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thksss
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PostSubject: Re: regarding advanced rules   Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:23 am

yup correct !!
here is an official one from www.cfv-cafe.blogspot.com Smile
A: [永] - Passive
- This ability will activate during your turn as long as the unit is on the field.
- You cannot choose not to activate this ability, unless otherwise stated.

B: [起] - Activate
- This ability can only be activated during your main phase.
- You can choose to activate or not activate this ability.
- You may activate this ability multiple times in your main phase, unless otherwise stated.

C: [自] - Auto
- This is a compulsory ability and will activate as long as the condition(s) are met.
- However, You may choose to activate the effect or not, only if [~してもよい] [you may~] is written in the text.
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regarding advanced rules
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