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 Anti-meta deck

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PostSubject: Anti-meta deck   Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:49 am

Hi this is my anti meta deck,please comment on how it can be improved on:
2 fossil dyna
3 raioh
2 doomcal
1 dd warrior lady
2 banisher of radiance
1 dd assailant
2 kyocco the ghost destroyer
2 cydra
1 breaker the magical warrior
1 Gorz
1 darkhole
1 pot of duality
2 smashing ground
1 giant trunade
2 mst
1 nobleman of crossout
1 monster reborn
1 book of moon
1 royal oppression
1 dust tornado
2 bottomless trap hole
2 solemn warning
2 dimensional prison
1 solemn judgement
1 trap stun
1 compulsory evacuation device
1 mirror force
1 torrential tribute
Extra deck
1 chimeratech fortress dragon
So yea help me improve on it except I can't get another duality just yet
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Anti-meta deck
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