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 Robo Hurdle Dash League Tournament 12dec - Monotype Deck

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PostSubject: Robo Hurdle Dash League Tournament 12dec - Monotype Deck   Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:26 pm

more details will be updated later,basically your deck can only contain 1 element type of pokemon.

Quote :
Yea . U also one of his puppet and all the player present on that day were all actors . Nice movie director .


Quote :
Everyone has a mask. And we have more than a mask. It's nothing to do with split personalities, just that we play too many roles in life.

A husband / father / son cannot play his 3 roles with the same mask. It'll be so weird!

But my question is, what is me behind my labels and my masks?
What is the real me?
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Robo Hurdle Dash League Tournament 12dec - Monotype Deck
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