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 [completed]ast Pre Selection @ Lorong ah soo

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PostSubject: [completed]ast Pre Selection @ Lorong ah soo    Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:14 am

original thread


Venue: Lorong Ah Soo Shop Blk 108,Hougang Ave 1 #01-1277, S'pore 530108
Date: 24/10/2010 SUNDAY
Register: 11.30am -12pm
Fees: 12 Booster pack (any pack) or 6 Extra Pack per team
Format: Single Eli

1st: Advance to top 8 in the Main Event
2nd onwards: have a chance to join my team

Rules and regulation:

IX. Storm of Ragnarok[STOR] Isnt legal for this tournament

X. Duelist Packs Crow and Yusei Vol 3 are not legal for this tournament

Korea and Upper card are not allowed in ALL Official tournaments. The
tournament organizer will only allow original Konami Japanese or Asia
English Version Official Card Game to be used in Official Tournament.

Only card game pack that comes together with Konami original software
game products are allowed to be used in Official tournament. (Meaning
Psp and any other game so long is a product of Konami can be used)

3. Only original Konami Deck Protectors and Card Sleeves can be used
in Official Tournament. Card Protector from Academy Duel Disks or from any event are not allowed to be used in tournament. (Prisma, Summer cup etc nt allow)

4.Double layer deck protector are allow provided the outer layer must be
a transparent deck protector. And Players must use same color
protectors for all decks and side decks.
No markings allowed on protectors

Promo card which are reprinted in structure deck are allow or in any
booster pack are allow (Blade knight, Shrink, Goblin zombie, Summoning
priest,broniac,dandylion,DT goyo,DT blackrose))

6. The following card game products are not allowed in this
a) Academy Duel Disk[no prisma ,starlight road etc]
b) Card Pack from any Shueisha Magazine, Ygo comic or other English magazines (V Jump, LE.)[no airman/Chimeratech fortress/Raiou/Wisel/Gors]
c) Dual Terminal Card Pack[no bloody crap shit trishugay/mist gay/natural beast]
d) PP1 , PP2, PP3, PP4, PP8 and PP11[no mezuki nonsense,undead deck is a history]

7. Players who’re joining the upcoming event must be a Resident Of Singapore or PR

8. All deck size must be 40-60, Extra deck 0-15, Side Deck 0-15 (All optional)

9. All players are to bring their own playmat (ONLY YUGIOH PLAYMAT ARE ALLOW)

10. Any players who found cheating or changing of cards during in the tournament will be disqualify instantly.

11. Judges have all right to disqualify duelist who misconduct and rule violations

12. Judges decision is final

More rules and regulation can be found in http://www.konami-asia.com/th/yugi/eng/tou/tou01.html

Players are reminded to bring along their,

. Pen
. Paper
. Calculator
. Playmat
. NRIC / Student pass or Duelist ID card (if you have any)


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PostSubject: Re: [completed]ast Pre Selection @ Lorong ah soo    Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:20 am


Kyo/Brainy/Ball Snow

Quote :
Yea . U also one of his puppet and all the player present on that day were all actors . Nice movie director .


Quote :
Everyone has a mask. And we have more than a mask. It's nothing to do with split personalities, just that we play too many roles in life.

A husband / father / son cannot play his 3 roles with the same mask. It'll be so weird!

But my question is, what is me behind my labels and my masks?
What is the real me?
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[completed]ast Pre Selection @ Lorong ah soo
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