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 lightlord counter version 2

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PostSubject: lightlord counter version 2   Mon Apr 14, 2008 11:04 pm

total 43

2 vandalgon
1 gaius
1 raiza
2 cyber dragon
2 mist king
3 DD survivor
3 lightlord paladin jean
2 lightlord raikou
2 lightlord cherubim
2 lightlord garos
1 marshmallon
1 honest

2 solar exchange
3 dimension fissure
1 heavy storm
2 D.D.R
1 brain control

2 macro cosmos
3 solemn judgment
3 divine wrath
1 pulling the wrath
2 R.F.A.D.D

okies this one is another version...i also dunnoe if can work hahas...
someone pls help me see if can work..
mistking is there cos the deck got little tribute and mistking looks cool xD
so the deck revolves around getting lots of monsters into the grave via the discarding by lightlords...
then also dd survivor to protect and act as a beatstick...
then R.F.A.D.D to summon monsters then attack...
also the counter part to protect ur cards...
dunnoe if can work leh someone pls help me T_T
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lightlord counter version 2
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