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 GraveKeeper's monarch

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PostSubject: GraveKeeper's monarch    Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:14 pm

Hi guys, this is a new deck that I had formed tgt wif my cousin and we played quite a few rounds against my dandywarrior deck. Below is the list of cards:

Monster (23)
GraveKeeper's spy x2
GraveKeeper's Guard x3
GraveKeeper's Descendent x1
Battle Fader x2
Gorz the emissary of darkness x1
Cyber dragon x2
Breaker the magical warrior x2
Morphing jar x1
Spirit Reaper x1
Kebrons x2
Gale the whirlwind x1
Frost the ice monarch x2
Cauis, the shadow monarch x2
Wind Monarch x1

Spell (11)
Dimensional Fissure x3
Allure of darkness x1
Book of moon x3
MST x2
Giant trunade x1
Emergency Teleport x1

Trap (6)

Starlight Road x2
Compulsory Evacution Device x2
Solemn Judgement x1
Mirror Force x1

How this deck works?
Basically this deck revolves around summoning Monarch for its clearing effects and attacking your opponent while their field is empty.
GraveKeeper's cards are used for stalling and clearing purposes so that next turn I can summon the Monarch (the type of monarch summoned will depend on the situation) to clear the opponent's remaining card(s) and go for a direct hit.

Kebrons and Emergency teleport are used for tribute or/ and sychro purpose.

Dimensional Fissure is put to counter most of the Meta-game decks.

Views and Comments about this deck are welcome and help is very much appreciated.
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GraveKeeper's monarch
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