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 buster feather

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PostSubject: buster feather    Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:43 pm


Black Feather - Blast of Black Lance III
Black Feather - Koichi The day break III
Black Feather - Shura of the Azure Flame III
Black Feather - Qa'lat of the Moon Shadow III
Black Feather - Gust the adversed windII - new
Black Feather - Blizzard the Northpole II
Stardust Dragon Buster Mode II
Dark Armed Dragon I

Magic ( 12 )

Allure of Darkness I
Book of Moon II
Black Whirlwind I
Giant trunade I
Magical Mallet I
Mind Control I
Monster Reborn I
Mystical Space Typhoon I
My Body as a Shield I
Pot of Duality II

Traps ( 10)

Bottomless trap hole I
Buster Mode Activate III
Delta Crow Anti Reverse I
Solemn judgement I
Icarus Attack III
Mirror Force I

Extra Deck (15)

Aoj Catastor I
Magical android I
Lone wind THe isolated I
Thought Ruler Archfiend I
Colossal Fighter
Stardust Dragon II
Black rose Dragon
Goyo Guardian
BF-Armored master ii
BF-Arms Wing II
Broniac of the ice boundery
Chain Dragon I

R/F it
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buster feather
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