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 [completed]Tournament @ CardMaster Sat, 9 October 2010

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Junior Duelist
Junior Duelist

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PostSubject: [completed]Tournament @ CardMaster Sat, 9 October 2010   Tue Oct 05, 2010 3:48 pm

YU-GI-OH! Tournament @ CardMaster will be on Saturday, 9th October 2010

Time: 2.30pm (1.30pm start registration)
Venue: CardMaster @ Dhoby Ghaut Exchange (J Cude)
Fees: $8 per Duelist

Prizes Pool: ALL JAP
-Pot of Duality (Super Rare)
-Blackrose Dragon (Ultimate Rare - 3D)
-Stardust Dragon (Ultra Rare)
-Goyo Guardian (Ultimate Rare - 3D)
-XX-Saber Gardestrike (Ultra Rare)
-Battlestorm (Ultra Rare)
-5 'The Duelist Genesis' Booster Pack
-Card Protector 2nd Layer - (Transparent)

Door Gift:: Deck Box (cardboard)

Prizes will be change if we do not have min 18 duelists, and we will increase prizes if response is much better than expected.

Format: Swiss of 3 Rounds. Cut to Top 8
Mantis/Computerized Pairing System

1. Min 40 cards Max 60 cards, Side deck of up to 15 cards, Extra Deck of 0 to 15 cards.
2. No Fake cards or Proxys allowed in the event.
3. 1st SEP 2010 OCG Ban and Restricted list used in Tournament.
4. All language of Yugioh cards allowed in Tournament including TCG exclusive.
5. The side of your Protector showing your card must be TRANSPARENT.
6. All standard rules of Trading Card Games.
7. Table shuffle with your card face-down.

For any enquires on the tournament, please SMS me @ +6598560626 or MSN me @ sinl_hate_parasite@hotmail.com
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Lao Shi

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PostSubject: Re: [completed]Tournament @ CardMaster Sat, 9 October 2010   Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:23 pm

On behalf of Ah kit at cardsmasters, Thanks for the support, here are the results

1st Vishal Blackfeather ( Pot of duality )
2nd Samuel Lightsworn spore ( 3d Black rose )
3rd Johann Lightsworn spore ( 3d Goyo )
4th Mango six samurai (stardust)
5th Hongrui Plant spore
6th Poh Chuan Plant spore
7th Zhi Machina
8th Wee Ann Gladiator Beast

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[completed]Tournament @ CardMaster Sat, 9 October 2010
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