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 [completed]Tournament at Jurong East 6th Aug 2010, Fri

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Junior Duelist

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PostSubject: [completed]Tournament at Jurong East 6th Aug 2010, Fri   Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:54 pm

Tournament at Jurong East 6th Aug 2010, Fri

Date : 6th Aug 2010 , Fri

Time :3 PM Sharp ( 2.30pm start registration, do not be late)

Thousand Taste Trading
Blk 132 #01-283
Jurong East Street 13
Singapore, 600132

Registration Fees: $10

Prizes Pool :

- Duelist Revoultion Booster Box
- 2 Machine Structure Deck
- 1 Dragunity Structure Deck
- Formula Synchron
- Gorz
- Scrap Dragon
- Scrap Twin Dragon
- 2 Hidden Arsenal 1 Booster Pack

Format: Swiss of 3 Rounds. Cut to Top 4/8 (Determine By WIN, not POINTS)

Each Main Deck: 40 - 60
Extra Deck: Up to 15 cards
Each Side Deck: Up to 15 cards

Protectors do not have to be the same for Extra and Side Decks.

Additional Information
1The Tournament is using March 2010 Banned List.
2 Both TCG/OCG cards can be used in this tournament.
3 Both ASIA and UPPER TCG cards are allowed, but no TCG EXCULSIVES.
4 Only genuine Yu-Gi-Oh Cards are allowed in this tournament.
5 Players retain the right to confirm rulings with judges/organizer.
6 Organizer and Head Judge retain all rights to disqualify any players whose behavior is of misconduct and/or for rule violations.
7 No changing of decklist until tournament is declared over.
8 Thousand Taste Trading will not take responsibility for any item loss.
9. The Protector at the front of ur card must be TRANSPARENT.

For any feedback or suggestion , You can post here...
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Junior Duelist

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PostSubject: Re: [completed]Tournament at Jurong East 6th Aug 2010, Fri   Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:23 pm

1st - Sam (Mass Driver Frogs)
2nd - Jeff (Hero Beat)
3rd - Kee (Dragunity)
4th/5th/6th - Taiho (Light Beat) / Redempt (Plant Lords) / Zhi (Machina Gadgets)
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[completed]Tournament at Jurong East 6th Aug 2010, Fri
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