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PostSubject: Samurai-lords...LOL   Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:46 pm

ok...after playing with ah jie zombie+lightlord= gg deck...i wan to create six samurai(actually 5 samurai) with lightlord...the cons i can think about is how to use the effect of six samurai...cause chance to get two is little...but read on...

3x irou...zanji...yaichi
2x nisashi
1x karmon
3x Lightlord Paladin Jean
3x Lightlord Summoner Luminous
3x wolf
3x raikou

1x a force
2x rota
2x reversal quiz
3x double edge sword
1x black padent...(spelling)
1x mtrb
1x premature
1x or 2x solar exchange
1x or 2x pot of advice(LOL)

3x back to the wall

so...how this deck goona run...swarm....sian
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