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 C.D.L Yugioh Starlight 2 Tournament 2010 on Sunday 11/04

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PostSubject: [FAIL]C.D.L Yugioh Starlight Tournament 2010 on Sunday 11/04   Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:04 pm

C.D.L Yugioh Starlight Tournament 2010 will be on Sunday, 11/04/2010.

All YUGIOH duelist are welcome to join the event.

Time: 2.30pm (12pm start registration)

Venue: Excel CS (Nee Soon CC)

Fees: $6 Per Duelist

Prizes Pool:

- Starlight Road DDY2-JP004 (Secret) x 1
- Sin.Red Eyes Black Dragon MOV2-JP001 (Ultra) x 1
- XX-Saber Gatmuz ANPR-JP044 (Ultra) x 1
- Undead Skull Demon ANPR-JP042 (Ultra) x 1
- Junk Collector DDY2-JP001 (Secret) x 1
- Back Up Warrior DDY2-JP002 (Secret) x 1
- Miracle's Afterglow DDY2-JP003 (Secret) x 1
- Divine Fowl King Alector YR05-JP001 (Ultra) x 1

Format: Swiss 4 Round, Select top 8, then single elimination.

Top 8 will all get cards from the prize pool

1. Min 40 cards Max 60 cards, Side deck of up to 15 cards, Extra Deck of 0 to 15 cards.
2. No Fake cards allowed in the event.
3. 1st Mar 2010 OCG Ban and Restricted list used in Tournament.
4. All language of Yugioh cards allowed in Tournament except for TCG exclusive.
5. The side of your Protector showing your card must be TRANSPARENT.

For any enquires on the events please email at info@comicdlegacy.com

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C.D.L Yugioh Starlight 2 Tournament 2010 on Sunday 11/04
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