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 Fun Twilight Deck (W/O D.A.D)

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PostSubject: Fun Twilight Deck (W/O D.A.D)   Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:54 pm

I was bored so I came up with a fun deck. Note: It may seem like the "Black Knight Dark" Deck, well It's not (as it does not consist of Ally Genex Bridman). Also not that this is just a fun deck, so do not expect much from it.

Please comment on this deck. Thanks!


Dark Creatorx3
Chaos Sorcererx1
Cyber Dragonx2
D.Hero Maliciousx2
Plague Spreader Zombiex1
Magical Merchantx3
Mystic Tomatox3
Dark Horusx2
D.D Warrior Ladyx2
Doomsday Horrorx3
Necro Gardnax1
Dimension Alchemistx2


Monster Reincarnationx3

Total/Deck Size:40

Explanation of the deck:

This deck Basically abuses Dark Creator and Magical Merchant. Magical Merchant uses it's effect and sent monster into the Graveyard until you get a spell or trap card. Since this deck only plays Monster Reincarnation as the only spell and no trap, you will sure to add that to hand using Magical Merchant's effect. Since chances of milling dark cards into the graveyard is high, there's quite a high chance you would already get 5 or more dark monsters into the graveyard and bringing out Dark Creator isn't much of a task. Well this deck consist of light and dark why not add in a Chaos Sorcerer? Doomsday Horror is in this deck as there are plenty of dark monster in the deck and would be sent into the graveyard through Magical Merchant's effect, summon it for a boost of attack. Also that card have an effect of bringing all your dark monster from out of game back to the graveyard when its destroyed and sent to the graveyard, so basically it helps you reuse your Plague Spreader Zombie and Necro Gardna. After all these explanation its as simple as no Magical Merchant = GG (Good Game)
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Fun Twilight Deck (W/O D.A.D)
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