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 Chaos Dragon

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PostSubject: Chaos Dragon   Thu Nov 05, 2009 10:09 pm

lol chaos version of hopeless dragon, but sadly no chaos emperor dragon, if can use then the deck can be gay ^^.

Monster - 18
3x Blue Eyes White Dragon
3x White Stone of Legend
3x Dark Horus
3x Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3x Red Eyes Wyvern
2x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Card Trooper

Spell - 16
2x Foolish Burial
2x Dragon's mirror
2x Burial from D.D
1x Future Fusion
2x Allure
3x Trade in
1x Heavy Storm
2x D.D.R
1x MST

Trap - 5
3x Thunder Break
1x Torrential
1x Mirror Force

1 more card either totem dragon, another burial or return from d.d, axe dragonute, Vandalgy'on
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Chaos Dragon
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