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 Out of game effect cards

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Judai Yuki
Judai Yuki

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PostSubject: Out of game effect cards   Sat Jan 19, 2008 1:14 am

If there is a macro cosmo or banisher of radiance ( cards that remove cards from game ) on the field
does DDCROW or exiled force activate their effect after their cost as sent to grave??? in this case they are out of game due to cosmo
or does they activate in out of game zone???
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PostSubject: Re: Out of game effect cards   Sat Jan 19, 2008 1:27 am

As for DD crow is different from exiled force, because D.D crow effect states that this card has to be discarded to the graveyard in order for its effect to activate. Unlike cards like Monster Reincarnation that just needs you to discard a card, in-regardless to where the card ends up to. As for exiled force, its effect is that, after it sacrifices itself, it will destroy one monster on the field. Lingbu , actually no nid to care where they activate their effect for this situation. Because some effects has to fufil conditions in order to activate. Like D.D crow you need to discard it to the Graveyard in order for you to use its effect. Exile force you just need to sacrifice it can le. Get wad i mean ma Lingbu? =D
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Out of game effect cards
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