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 Clean Sale

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Senior Duelist
Senior Duelist

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Location : singapore CCK
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PostSubject: Clean Sale    Mon Mar 17, 2014 2:42 pm

1. I can meet Choa chu kang MRT at anytime after 11am to before 4pm. SMS me 83240556 only when the deal for us to meet on the day
2. I'm selling some of my Yu-Gi-Oh, can be discount if u buy more than 3 cards or 2 set of cards
3. some cards will only be sell in single but some will be set like LE, PP, VB and game with guide book card
4. All is old cards n no new cards so pls dont ask for new cards


Doesn"t remember what pack they from but they r in a set -90 (1st paint no pack No.)
Harpie's pet Dragon 1st paint edition
Metal Red Eyes Black Dragon 1st paint edition
MetalmorphZoa 1st paint edition
Zoa 1st paint edition
MetalZoa 1st paint edition

Comic Book sell single
YG01-JP001 Light and Darkness Dragon -10
YG03-JP001 Hane Kuriboh LV9 -10
YG04-JP001 Elemental Hero Absolute Zero-10
YG05-JP001 Fallen Angel Desire-10

YR1-JP001 Devil King Dragon - Vandargaron-10
YR04-JP001 Angel07 -10

VJ sell single
VJ-02 Total Defense General -6
VJ-03 Harpy Lady Cyber Bondage (Harpy Lady SB) -8
VJ-04 Executioner - Maykura -10
VJC-005 Blade Knight -12
VJC-JP008 Elemental Hero Flame Wing Man (S&P) -8
VJC-JP009 The Devils Dread-root- 15
VJMP-JP020 The Devils Avatar x2-15each
VJMP-JP021 The Devils Eraser x2-15 each
VJC-JP012 White Horns Dragon -12
VJC-JP013 Dandelion-10
VJC-JP016 Toy Magician x2 -10 each
VJMP-JP024 The Big SATURN -10
VJMP-JP025 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon -10
VJMP-JP030 Beast Mystic Machine King Barbaros Ur -10
VJMP-JP055 Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity -12
VJMP-JP056 The supremacy SUN -12
VJMP-JP065 Doragorado-10

WJ sell single
WJ-01 Dark Demon - Gilfar Demon-10
WJ-02 Amazoness Chain Wielder-8
WJ-03 Avatar God of Apopis-12
WJ-04 Reversal of Life and Death-12
WJC-JP005 Elemental Hero Neos-8
WJMP-JP007 Mosaic Manticore x2 -10each
WJMP-JP008 Ultimate Sealed God - Exodios -10
WJMP-JP010 Red Demon's Dragon secret rare-12
WJMP-JP014 Sin Blue Eyes White Dragon -12
WJMP-JP017 No. 56 Gold Rat-12

Yu-Gi-Oh Comic Book Promo (YCB, JCY) sell in set -35
YCB-001 End - UNITY
YCB-002 Friendship - YU-JYO
JCY-001 Judgment of Pharaoh

Yu-Gi-Oh Masters Guide sell in set -20
MG1-JP001 Dead Spirit - Zoma -extra card-14
MG1-JP002 Earthbound Spirit's Invitation

Duel Monsters 3: Tri-Holy God Advent (GameBoy Cards 10 cards set) sell in set-90 w/o Guide Book card
G3-01 Dunamis Valykria
G3-02 Killer Snake
G3-03 Almighty Landmine Claymore
G3-04 Tengu's Fan
G3-05 Oath of Garmasword
G3-06 Garmasword
G3-07 Magnet Warrior Alpha
G3-08 Magnet Warrior Beta
G3-09 Insect Queen
G3-10 Cybertic Wyvern
G3-B1 Dark Leopard Warrior - Panther Warrior-single -10
G3-B2 Time Machine -single -10

G4-B1 Baffomet (B1,B2 n the lion 3 for set is 18)
G4-B2 Winged Phantom Beast Chimera

Duel Monster 5: Expert 1 sell in set - 50 w B2
G5-01 Dark Robed Sage
G5-02 Big Shield Guarder
G5-03 Exchange
G5-04 Angel's Dice
G5-05 Devil's Dice
G5-B2 Masked Beast - Death Guardius

JDuel Monster 6: Expert 2 - Game/Guide -sell 4 in set -55 w/o B1&2
G6-01 Death Volstaguelf Secret Rare (this card isn't sell with the game so it will be more exp)
G6-02 Toon Black Magician Girl Secret Rare
G6-03 Igzarion Universe Secret Rare extra card- 10each
G6-04 Gilford the Lightning Secret Rare
G6-B1 Shrine of Pharaoh (B1 n B2 both for 20)
G6-B2 Holy Beast - Selket

Duel Monster 7: Duel City Legend -sell in set - 55
GB7-001 F.G.D. (Five God Dragon)Secret Rare(this card isn't sell with the game so it will be more exp)
GB7-002 Iron Demon - Viser Death Secret Rare
GB7-003 Master of Dragon Knight Secret Rare
GB7-004 Magic Effect Arrow Secret Rare

Duel Monster 8: Reshef of Destruction - Game/Guide Promos -sell 5 in set- 55
GB8-001 Black Magician Knight Secret Rare (this card isn't sell with the game so it will be more exp)
GB8-002 Title of`a Knight Secret Rare
GB8-003 Jewel of Wiseman Secret Rare
GB8-004 Satellite Cannon Secret Rare
GB8-B01 Gelnia

Nightmare Troubadour Promo -sell in set-30
NTR-JP001 Silent Magician LV4
NTR-JP002 Silent Magician LV8
NTR-JP003 Magician Circle

EX3-B01 Rope of Soul -10

Duel Monsters International 2 (DM - IN2) - Game w/o JPB -25
DI2-JP001  Silent Swordsman LV7
DI2-JP002  Friend of Justice - Kaiba Man
DI2-JP003  Spirit Control
DI2-JPB01  Silent Swordsman LV7 -12

Valuable Book Promos -sell in set
VB-?? Skull Rider
VB-?? Revival of Skull Rider

VB-01 Dark Eyes Illusionist
VB-02 Ritual of Illusion

VB-03 Rocket Warrior
VB-04 Cage of Nightmare

VB-05 Vice Devil God - Byser Death
VB-06 Legend Devil

VB5-001 Devil Sanctuary
VB5-002 Metal Reflect Slime
VB5-003 Barrel Dragon (Secret Rare Asia ver)

VB6-001 Maximum Six
VB6-002 Dangerous Machine Type-6
VB6-003 Sixth Sense

VB7-JP001 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon
VB7-JP002 Pyramid of Light

VB8-JP001 Destroyer Dragon - Gandora
VB8-JP002 Dead Spirit Knight - Death Calibur Knight

VB09-JP001 Necroface
VB09-JP002 Golden Chest of Seali.g

VB10-JP001 King Mist
VB10-JP002 Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

VB11-JP001 Super Devil Lord - Id
VB11-JP002 Violet Witch

Premium Pack 1
Goddess of Whimsical -15
Time Magician -22
Crescent Dragon -12
Light Castle -15

Premium Pack 3 -sell in set-40 all in super rare
P3-01 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
P3-02 Meteor Black Dragon
P3-03 Fire Winged Pegasus
P3-04 Tri Horned Dragon
P3-05 Millennium Primitive Man
P3-06 Evilnight Dragon
P3-07 Magician of Black Chaos
P3-08 Gate Guardian
P3-09 Meteor Dragon
P3-10 Chaos - Black Magic Ritual

Premium Pack 4-sell in set-18 (extra cards is not counted in)
P4-01 Black Magician Girl -5 each 2 extra card
P4-03 Thousand Knives - 3each 1extra card
P4-04 Black Magic Curtain - 3each 1extra card
P4-05 Magic Box of Death - 3each 1extra card
P4-06 Magic Cylinder

Premium Pack 5-sell in set-40
P5-01 Red Eyes Black Draogn -4 each 1 extra card
P5-02 Harpy's Feather Sweep
P5-03 Deck Destruction Virus of Death
P5-04 Chained Boomerang
P5-05 Acid Pittrap
P5-06 Metalize - Magic Reflect Armor
P5-07 Red Eyes Black Metal Draogn
P5-08 Claymore Mine
P5-09 Millennium Shield

Premium Pack 6-sell in set-38
PP6-001 Marshmellon
PP6-002 Glass of Marshmellon
PP6-003 Shield Crush
PP6-004 Gemini Devil
PP6-005 Return Zombie
PP6-006 Skeleton of Yatagarusu

Premiun Pack 7-sell in set-22
PP7-JP001 Sphinx Androgynous
PP7-JP002 Andro Sphinx
PP7-JP003 Sphinx Teeleia

Premiun Pack 9-sell in set- 45
PP9-JP001 E-Hero Elixirer
PP9-JP002 Kuriboh's Calling Flute
PP9-JP003 Commader Covington
PP9-JP005 Machiners Sniper
PP9-JP006 Machiners Defender
PP9-JP007 Machiners Force
PP9-JP008 Lancer Dragonuit -4 each 1 extra card
PP9-JP009 Axe Dragonuit
PP9-JP010 Mist Body

Premium Pack 10-sell in set-45
PP10-JP002 E-Hero Knospe
PP10-JP003 E-Hero Blume
PP10-JP004 E-Hero The Heat
PP10-JP005 E-Hero Lady of Fire
PP10-JP006 E-Hero The Earth
PP10-JP007 E-Hero Flame Blast
PP10-JP008 Blumenblatt
PP10-JP009 Hero's Bond
PP10-JP010 Earth Gravity -4 each 1 extra card

Yu-Gi-Oh OCG Master Collection (Secret Rare) -sell 4 in set-22
MC1-JP001 Black Flame Dragon of Horus LV8 -6
MC1-JP002 The Creator -6
MC1-JP004 Antique Gear Golem -6
MC2-JP004E-Hero Shining Phoenix guy -6

Limited Edition 2-sell in set
---Yugi Pack-15
WJ-01 Dark Knight Gaia
WJ-02 Elven Swordsman
--Jounochi Pack-20
WJ-04 Thousand Dragon
WJ-05 Tiger Axe
WJ-06 Wyvern Warrior
---Keith Pack-16
WJ-08 Bladed Pendulum Torture Machine
WJ-09 Sphere Bomb

Limited Edition 3-sell in set
---Yugi Pack-24
L3-01 Demon Summon
L3-02 Spirit's Mirror
L3-03 Demon Fog Rain
---Jounouchi Pack-24
L3-04 Panther Warrior
L3-05 Mimic Illusionist
L3-06 Scapegoat
---Kaiba Pack-22
L3-07 Lamp Spirit - Ra Djinn
L3-08 Magic Lamp
L3-09 Curse of Darkness

Limited Edition 4-sell in set
---Yugi Pack-22
LE4-001 Queens Knight
LE4-002 Kings Knight
LE4-003 Jacks Knight
---Malik Pack-22
LE4-004 Gil Gars
LE4-005 Monster Relief
LE4-006 Ambush Soldiers

Limited Edition 5-sell in set
---Kaiba Pack- 36
LE5-006 XYZ - Dragon Cannon
LE5-007 Blood Vors
LE5-008 Clone Duplication
LE5-009 Silent Dead
LE5-010 Victory Dragon

Limited Edition 6-sell in set-55
LE6-JP001 Green Gardget
LE6-JP002 Red Gardget
LE6-JP003 Yellow Gardget
LE6-JP004 The Tricky
LE6-JP005 Tricky's Magic 4
VJC-JP006 Mobile Fortress - Stronghold (will sell in a set with LE6)

Limited Edition 7-sell in set-32
LE7-JP001 Castle Gate
LE7-JP002 Mark of Proprietor
LE7-JP003 Curse of Vampire
LE7-JP004 Union Attack

WC07-JPB01 D-Hero Bloo-D-14
CMC-JPB01 Whale Warrior( don't know it name) Sceret-10

Dark Ceremony Edition -60
Ritual monster with the magic got Chaos Soldier in it n other cards total 12 cards
6 type of pairs -10 per pair (2 cards)

Structure Deck
Yugi Structure Deck (YU) 12
Dark Fierce Knight Gaia U
Retrained Elven Swordsman U
Black Magician Girl S

Jounourchi Structure Deck (JY) 12
Warrior of the Sun U
Command Knight U
Landstar Swordsman S

Kaiba Structure Deck (KA) 12
Kaiser Seahorse U
Vampire Lord U
Minotaur S

Pegasus J. Crawford Structure Deck (PE) 12
Toon Cannon Soldier U
Toon Gemini Elf U
Blue Eyes Toon Dragon S

Yugi Structure Deck, volume 2 (SY2) 10
Super Magical Swordsman - Black Paladin U
Dimensional MagicU

Jounourchi Structure Deck, volume 2 (SJ2) 10
Gilford the Lightning U
Foolish Burial U

Kaiba Structure Deck volume 2 (SK2) 10
Shrink U
XYZ-Dragon Cannon U

Marik Structure Deck (SDM) 12
Lava Golem U
Magic Stone Excavation  U
Wicked God Disaster S

Deck Foil (pls help me fill up the lost name) 4each
SD1-JP001 Red Eyes Darkness Dragon
SD2-JP001 Vampire-Genesis
SD3-JP001 HelL Flame Emperor
SD4-JP001 Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus
SD5-JP001 Gilford the Legend
SD6-JP001 Black Executioner
SD11-JP001 Angel Saint-Neo Perseus

Fusion Set
Set1 -18
G4-B1 Baffomet U
G4-B2 Winged Phantom Beast Chimera U
ME-83 The Lion (can't find the name) Sceret

Set2 -18
PG-05 Curse of Dragon S -6
LB-06 Gaia the Fierce Knight U -8
PG-04 Gaia the Dragon Champion U -10

Set 3 - 30
302-004 X Super -5
302-005 Y-Dragon U -7
302-006 Z Super -5
302-054 YZ fusion Sceret -14
EEN-JP031 VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon Super -7

Set 4 - 20
RB-03 Summoned Skull P -10
DL2-050 Red Eyes B.Dragon U -8
RB-18 Black Demon Dragon U-10 (not sure is it the right name r not)

Set 5 -
FET-JP036 Dragon Magician King Dragoon Su-10
Dragon Magician(with the magic Se/U-10/8

Single Card
Holographic Rare
CSOC-JP039 Black Rose Dragon -30

DL1-136 Big Shield Guarder-10
DL2-136 Exchange -12
DL3-136 Blade Knight-12
DL4-136 Insect Queen-10
DL5-136 Moth-10
DL2-136 Card of Sanctity-15
TB-34 Thousand-Eyes Restrict -12
LN-14 Dark Necrofear-12
301-051 Lava Golem-12
302-051 XY Fusion-12
303-051 Super Magical Swordsman - Black Paladin - 22
303-054 Buster Blader-12
304-051 Kaiser Gilder -12
304-054 Ritual monster Chaos Soldier -20
305-053 Dark Demon - Gilfar Demon-12
BPT-J02 Chaos Emperor Dragon-Messenger of the End -25
SDX-JP002 Victory Dragon-12
TLM-JP006 Antique Gear Golem-12
TLM-JP037 Card of Sanctity -12
RDS-JP012 Perfect Machine King -12
RDS-JP030 Immense BattleshIp Big Core-12
RDS-JP057 Pikeru's Magic Ring -12
SOD-JP008 Black Flame Dragon of Horus LV8 -14
SOD-JP042 Dark Mega Flare -12
FOTB-JP007 Gem Beast-Sapphire Pegasus-15
FOTB-JP008 Volcanic Devil -12
FOTB-JP014 E-Hero Captain Gold -10
FOTB-JP041 BlaZe Cannon Trident -12
CRV-JP010 UFOroid -12
CRV-JP020 Goblin Elite Force -12
CRV-JP048 Skyscrapper -12
CSOC-JP044 Resurrection Devil-Ha Des - 12
EOJ-JP016 Lighting Gear-Gouryuu - 12
EEN-JP015 Water Dragon - 12
EEN-JP033 E-Hero Rampart Gunner - 15
FET-JP008 Silent Swordsman LV5 - 15
FET-JP058 Deck Destruction Virus of Magic -15
FET-JP022 Swordmasters-Naked Gear Freed -12
SOI-JP002 Descending Thunder Emperor-Hamon -22
SOI-JP006 Cyber Barrier Dragon -14
SOI-JP013 Gaint Battleship-Covered Core -12
SOI-JP047 Antique Gear Castle -12
TAEV-JP013 Poisonous Snake Lord-Venominaga -12
CDIP-JP003 Cyber Dark Keel -12
POTD-JP003 Neospacian Aqua Dolphin -12
POTD-JP005 Neospacian Black Panther -12
POTD-JP014 D-Hero Dogmaguy -14
STON-JP038 Deal of Dark Realm -12
PH-00 Nosferatu Lich -12

Monster Card
Sceret(S), Parallel(P) & Ultra(U)
Vol pack Blue-Eyes White Dragon U-25
Dark Magician U-22
Red-Eyes Black Dragon U-16
Gaia the Fierce Knight U-15
Thousand Dragon P/S-15
Barrel Dragon U-15
Black Demon Dragon U-15
Ritual monster Chaos Soldier U-20
LB-00 Elven Swordsman S -6
CA-00 Jinzo S -18
BC-00 Total Defense General S -8
LB-06 Gaia the Fierce Knight U -10
EX-49 Blue-Eyes White Dragon (2 type 1st & 2nd edition) U -6
EX-06 Dark Magician (2 type 1st & 2nd edition) U -6
PS-00 Toon Blue-Eyes White Dragon S -12
PS-22 Toon Summoned Skull U -8
PS-24 Dimond Dragon U -5
PG-04 Gaia the Dragon Champion U -8
RB-03 Summoned Skull P -8
RB-09 Harpie Lady Sisters x2 U -5 each
CA-51 Buster Blader U -8
SY2-001 Super Magical Swordsman - Black Paladin x3 U -5 each
MR-29 Relinquished U -10
PH-20 Supreme God De Zart U-8
PH-25 Guardian Sphinx P-8
PH-29 Don Zarug -12
DL1-087 Toon Blue-Eyes White Dragon P -8
DL1-135 Buster Blader P -8
DL2-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon U -10
DL2-005 Dark Magician U -6
DL2-050 Red Eyes B.Dragon U -6
301-006 Hell Poemer U-10
301-017 Holy Jackal Warrior P-8
302-005 Y-Dragon U -6
302-020 Magic Cancaller P -8
302-054 YZ fusion S -12
303-051 Super Magical Swordsman - Black Paladin S -20
303-017 Breaker the Magicial Warrior U -14
304-007 Guardian Guraaru P-7
304-014 Death Gremlin U-8
306-056 Chaos Emperor Dragon-Messenger of the End S -20
307-020 Black Tyrano P - 8
307-025 Insect Princess U - 5
307-056 Devil Mazera S - 12
308-022 Blow Dragon U-8
308-034 Archangel Zeraato U - 12
FET-JP035 Gatlig Dragon U-10
FET-JP005 Phoenix God of Nephthys U -15
RDS-JP005 The Creator U -8
RDS-JP008 Mystic Swordman LV6 U-12
RDS-JP009 Silent Swordsman LV3 x2 U -12 each
CRV-JP005 Hane Kuriboh LV10 x2 -12 each
CRV-JP034 E-Hero UFOroid Fighter U-8
CRV-JP036 Cyber End Dragon U -20
EOJ-JP023 Giver of Judgment-Boltenis U -12
EOJ-JP032 E-Hero Phoenix guy U - 8
EOJ-JP033 E-Hero Shining Phoenix guy U - 10
FOTB-JP007 Gem Beast-Sapphire Pegasus U-10
FOTB-JP014 E-Hero Captain Gold U-8
POTD-JP031 E-Hero Aqua Neos U-12
POTD-JP032 E-Hero Flare Neos U-12
POTD-JP033 E-Hero Black Neos U-12
TDGS-JP040 StarDust Dragon U -12
TDGS-JP041 Red Demon Dragon U -15
TAEV-JP006 Raindow Dragon U-15
TAEV-JP043 E-Hero Magma Neos U-12
CSOC-JP038 Turbo Warrior U- 12
CSOC-JP044 Resurrection Devil-Ha Des U- 12
SOI-JP001 Divine Flame Emperor-Uria x 2 U -15 each
SOI-JP002 Descending Thunder Emperor-Hamon -15
SOI-JP003 Phontom Emperor-Ravel x 2 U -15each
SOI-JP007 Cyber Barrier Dragon U-9
TLM-JP033 Reshelf the Dark Being U-8
TLM-JP035 E-Hero Flame Wing Man U-8
TLM-JP036 E-Hero Thunder Giant U-8
SOD-JP012 Mystic Swordman LV4 U-8
SOD-JP015 Arms Dragon LV7 U-8
DP1-JP013 E-Hero Steam Healer U-10
DP2-JP013 Armed Dragon LV10 U-10
DP03-JP026 Burial from Another Dimension U-8
DP04-JP010 Hell Dragon U-7
CDIP-JP008 Dark Lucius LV8 U-10
STON-JP017 Devil Lord of Dark Realm - Rain U-12
STON-JP034 E-Hero Air Neos U-12
STON-JP035 E-Hero Ground Neos U-8
STON-JP036 E-Hero Glow Neos U-12
GLAS-JP036 E-Hero Chaos Neos U-12
GLAS-JP038 E-Hero Inferno Wing U-12
EEN-JP034 E-Hero Tempester U- 12
EEN-JP035 E-Hero Wild Jaggyman U - 8
EEN-JP036 E-Hero Shining Flare Wingman U -10
PTDN-JP008 Yubel - Das Extrermer Traurig Drachen U-10
GLAS-JP005 Cloudian - Eye of the Typhoon U-12
GLAS-JP044 Gladial Beast - Heraclenos U-14

Super(S), Rare(R) & Normal(N)
Vol Black Forest Witch N -5
Vol Man-Eater Bug S -4
Vol Cannon Soldier N- 5
Vol Mountian (field magic)S -5
Vol Dimensional Warrior S -10
304-027 Dimensional Warrior Girl S -12
303-004 Luster Dragon S - 5
PG-05 Curse of Dragon S -5
RB-36 Magician of Faith S-7
BC-71 Morphing Jar S -8
BC-59 Cyber-Stein S -8
DLS-047 Fiber Pod R-5
RDS-JP021 Fire Emperor Testaros S-7
RDS-JP030 Immense Battleshop Big Core S-5
RDS-JP030 Big Core S-6
EOJ-JP007 Cyber Prima S - 5
EOJ-JP011 Victory Viper XX03 S x2 - 6each
EOJ-JP016 Lighting Gear-Gouryuu S - 5
EOJ-JP031 Super Electromagnetic Operating Voltaic Dragon S - 6
EOJ-JP035 E-Hero Wild Wingman S - 5
FOTB-JP021 Sky Devil Lord-Enrise S-6
FOTB-JP022 Sky Devil Lord-Norreras S-6
FOTB-JP023 Sky Devil Lord-Invishi S-6
EEN-JP007 E-Hero Edgeman S-5
EEN-JP015 Water Dragon S- 5
EEN-JP017 Giant Battleship-Tetran S-75
EEN-JP031 VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon S-5
CRV-JP010 UFOroid S-5
CRV-JP015 Cyber Dragon S-10
CRV-JP016 Cybernetic Magician S-5
CRV-JP021 Gaint Battleship-Crystal Core S-5
CRV-JP035 Cyber Twin Dragon S-12
FET-JP009 Earth Emperor Granmaagu S-8
FET-JP014 Animal King Behemoth S-6
FET-JP020 Blood Magician of Purgatory S-6
FET-JP036 Dragon Magician King Dragoon S-9
SOI-JP013 Gaint Battleship-Covered Core S-5
SOI-JP033 Divine Dragon-Excelion Sx3 - 7each
SOI-JP034 Goddess of Extermination-Ruin Sx2 - 7each
SOI-JP035 King of the End-Demise S-10
TLM-JP005 Winged Kuriboh Sx2 -6each
TLM-JP010 Ultimate Insect LV7 S-5
TLM-JP012 Hieracosphinx S-7
TLM-JP015 Megarock Dragon S-6
TLM-JP020 Master Monk S-6
SOD-JP007 Black Flame Dragon of Horus Lv6 S-6
SOD-JP022 Ice Emperor Moebius S-8
SOD-JP033 Female Warrior of the Moon S-5
TAEV-JP020 Rippling Alissa S-5
TAEV-JP021 Piper of Fortune S-6
TAEV-JP025 Devil's Summoner S-5
TAEV-JP042 E-Hero Dark Brightman S-8
CDIP-JP001 Cyber Dark Horn S-7
CDIP-JP005 Cyber Esper S-6
CDIP-JP032 Storm Shooter S-5
DP03-JP014 E-Hero Black Neos S-8
DP04-JP014 Armed Black Dragon-Cyber Dark Dragon S-10
DP05-JP013 E-Hero Shining Phoenix guy S -6
POTD-JP003 Neospacian Aqua Dolphin S-6
POTD-JP004 Neospacian Flare Scarab S-6
POTD-JP005 Neospacian Black Panther S-6
POTD-JP012 D-Hero Doubleguy S-7
POTD-JP020 Ultimate Tyranno S-5
POTD-JP036 Super Vehicroid-Jumbo Drill S-6
CRMS-JP040 Dark Dive Bomber S-5
CRMS-JP042 Hyper Psycho Gunner S-8
SOVR-JP043 Black Bulldragon S-8
CSOC-JP042 Hell Bramble Sx2 -6 each
301-004 Dark Jerroid S-6
301-005 Neudoria S-7
301-013 Grave-Keeper's Elder S-7
304-015 Twilight Zone Dragon NR-4
304-027 Female Warrior from another Dimension S-8
PH-15 Severing Samurai S-6

Magic & Trap
Sceret(S), Parallel(P) & Ultra(U)
1st edition paint Chained Boomerang U-15
S2-B1 Magic Removal Viral Weapon U - 8
PG-40 Swords of Revealing Light (U) -14
RB-60 Change of Heart (U) -14
PS-36 Toon World (U)-7
309-040 Black Magic U - 8
CSOC-JP065 Emergency Tuning U - 10
CRV-JP037 Power Bond S -12
DP1-JP024 Bubble Illusion U-10
DP2-JP026 Defense Ring U-10
TAEV-JP063 Dimensional Tunnel-Mirror Gate U-12
301-032 Necro Valley: The Valley of the Sleeping Pharaoh U-12
301-053 Quiz S-12
301-054 Life-Line S-12
304-052 Sub-Space Matter Transfer Device S-12
304-053 Cost Down S-12

Super(S), Rare(R) & Normal (N)
LB-52 Raigeki S - 12
Vol & LB-51 Dark Hole S - 15/12
Pot of Greed (1st paint no pack No.) N -4
Waboku (1st paint no pack ID) N -4
MR-36 Snatch Steal N-3
Torrential Tribute R -3
B2-49 Graceful Charity R -5
ME-68 Seven Tools of the Bandit S - 8
PS-03 Horn of the Unicorn S -5
LB-58 Polymeriation S -5
307-056 Invader of Darkness S -6
CRV-JP048 Skyscrapper S-6
FOTB-JP031 Fire Soul S -5
FOTB-JP041 Blaze Cannon Trident S -6
FOTB-JP055 Barrier of Flash-Shining Force S -6
EOJ-JP048 Clock tower of Seclusion S - 6
RDS-JP039 Triangle Ecstasy Spark S-5
RDS-JP045 Rebirth of the Dead/Monster Reincarnation S-8
RDS-JP049 Guillotine Sx2-6 each 2 for 10
RDS-JP050 Heavenly Punishment Sx2 -8each 2 for 15
FET-JP037 Feather of the Phoenix God S-5
SOI-JP047 Antique Gear Castle Sx2 -5each 2 for 10
SOI-JP052 Damage Condenser Sx2 -5each 2 for 10
TLM-JP038 Brain Control S-10
SOD-JP043 Ectoplasm S-6
SOD-JP055 Greed S-5
SOD-JP057 Invalidate S-5
SOD-JP060 Holy Life Barrier S-8
CDIP-JP056 Troy Bomb S-5
CDIP-JP058 Cyber Shadow Gardna S-5
TAEV-JP054 Cyber dark Impact! S-5
DP1-JP022 Burst Return S-5
DP1-JP023 Bubble Shot S-5
DP2-JP024 Mallet of Luck S-5
DP2-JP025 Reckless Summoning of Hell S-5
DP03-JP025 Light Eraser S-5
DP03-JP029 Edge Hammer S-5
DP03-JP030 Hero Guard S-5
DP04-JP024 Heartlessness Obliteration S-5
DP04-JP028 Return Soul S-7
DP04-JP030 Fusion Guard S-6
DP05-JP021 Over Destiny S-6
DP05-JP029 D-Counter S-5
DP05-JP030 Etemal Dread S-5
CSOC-JP048 Black Garden S-6
CSOC-JP073 Psycho Trigger S-6
STON-JP004 Neospacian Air Hummingbird S-7
STON-JP013 Head General - Shien S-8
STON-JP038 Deal of Dark Realm S-6
STON-JP046 Card Trader S-7
STON-JP048 Skyscraper 2 - Hero City S-7
STON-JP057 Legitimate Bloodline S-7
301-041 Coffin Seller S-5
304-032 Dagger of Butterflies-Eruma Sx2 -4each
304-035 Great Sword of Violation-Baou S-5
PH-32 Book of Life-Prohibited Magic S-7
PH-45 Golden Pagan Idol S-6
306-012 D.D. Scout Plane R-2.5
308--037 Magic Controller S-8

Eng Cards Asia & Upper
Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monster GX: Duel King Upper -30
GX1-JP001 E-HERO Necro Darkman
GX1-JP002 Hane Kuriboh
GX1-JP003 Hero Halo

Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force (Game) Upper -30
GX02-JP001 Phantom Beast Cross Wing
GX02-JP002 Phantom Beast Wild Horn
GX02-JP003 Phantom Beast Thunder Pegas

Upper Set -30
SDD-001 Valkrion The Magna Warrior
SDD-002 Sinister Serpent
SDD-003 Harpie's Feather Duster

Upper Set -38
MC1-EN001 Exodia The Forbidden One (L.E)
MC1-EN002 Barrel Dragon (L.E)
MC1-EN003 Relinquished (L.E)
MC1-EN004 Thousand-Eyes Restrict (L.E)
MC1-EN005 Dark Necrofear (L.E)
MC1-EN006 Dark Ruler Ha Des (L.E)

Upper Set -16
WC4-001 Fair King Truesdale
WC4-002 Kinetic Soldier

EEN-ENSE4 Silent Swordsman LV5 (L.E) Upper -14 secret
PGD-106 Nightmare Wheel Upper -7 ultra
JMP-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Upper -12 ultra
SDY-006 Dark Magician (1st edition) Upper -8 ultra
SDY-006 Dark Magician (1st edition) Asia -10 ultra
SDJ-001 Red Eyes B.Dragon Upper-10 ultra
SDJ-041 ScapeGoat Upper -6 super
LOB-066 Curse of Dragon -5 super
LOB-059 Polymerization Upper -5 super
LOB-119 Pot of Greed (1st edition) R Upper - 5
DDS-004 Seiyaryu Upper -7 secret
MRD-000 Gate Guardian (1st edition) Asia -7 ultra
MRD-060 Change of Heart (1st edition) Asia -12 ultra
MRD-071 Kuriboh (1st edition) x2 Asia -8each Kor 2.5 R
MRD-075 Catapult Turtle (1st edition) Asia - 6 super
MRD-143 Thousand Dragon (1st edition) Asia -7 super
MRL-051 Black Illusion Ritual (1st edition) Asia - 6 super
MOV-EN003 Watapon Upper -2.5 C
JOC-012 D.D. Scout Plane Upper -4 Super
SDP-040 Graceful Chartity Upper -8 Super
DP2-EN025 Reckless Summoning of Hell S-5 Upper
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