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 D-Hero Sync

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Senior Duelist

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PostSubject: D-Hero Sync   Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:54 pm

Monsters- 21
3x D-Hero Malicious
2x D-Hero Plasma
1x E-Hero Stratos
2x D-Hero Diamond Dude
2x Zombie Carrier
2x DaD
3x D-Hero Dasher
2x Fiend Roar Deity Raven
1x Dark Grepher
2x D-Hero Blade Master

Spells -13
3x D-Draw
1x Lightning Vortex
3x Reinforcement of the army
3x Allure
1x Burial from DD
1x Heavy Storm
1x MST

Traps - 6
2x Thunder Break
1x Torrential
2x D-Signal
1x Crush Card
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D-Hero Sync
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