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 Tournament @ Sgcardmart 27th Jan Sunday

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PostSubject: Tournament @ Sgcardmart 27th Jan Sunday   Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:17 pm


Date - 20th January 2013
Registration Time - 2.30pm
Tournament Start Time - 3pm
Venue - Sg Cardmart

Registration Fee: $8

Format: Swiss of 4/5 rounds followed by a top 8 cut-off.

1x Vjump Edition 8
1x No.22 Fran Ken (Ultra)
1x No.40 Gimmick Puppet - Heaven Strings
1x No.106 Huge Rock Palm, Giant Hand
1x No.16 Shock Ruler
1x No.11 Big Eye
1x Jump Fiesta Promo Pack (Black)
1x Jump Fiesta Promo Pack (White)

*Prizes are subjected to change*

Judge decision is final.
All Deck, Side Deck & Extra Deck to strictly adhere to the Official Konami September 2012 Forbidden and Limited Card List.
Deck must be between 40 to 60 cards, inclusive.
Extra Deck, while optional, must be between 0 to 15 cards, inclusive.
Side Deck, while optional, must be between 0 to 15 cards, inclusive.
Cards of all languages may be used.
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Tournament @ Sgcardmart 27th Jan Sunday
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