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 zombiedark synchro

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Junior Duelist
Junior Duelist

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PostSubject: zombiedark synchro   Sun Oct 26, 2008 11:06 am

Monsters - 30
2x D.A.D
1x Red Eyes Zombie Dragon
1x Caius
1x Paladin of Cursed Dragon
1x Zombie Master
2x Pyramid Turtle
1x Malevolent Mech- Goku En
1x Grave Squirmer
1x Armageddon Knight
1x Necro Guardna
1x Necroface
1x Snipe Hunter
3x Dark Grepher
2x D.Hero Dasher
2x Goblin Zombie
2x Zombie Carrier
2x D.D. Crow
3x Mezuki
1x Jinzo
1x Krebons

Spell Cards- 7
1x Different Dimension Capsule
1x Zombie World
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Swords Of Revealing Light
1x Heavy Storm
1x M.S.T
1x Magical Mallet

Trap Cards- 9
1x Crush Card Virus
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Dark Illusion
1x Draining Shield
1x Negate Attack
1x Radiant Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Sakuretsu Armor
1x Bottomless Trap Hole

Extra Deck-7
2x Revived King Hades
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Iron Chain Dragon
1x Light End Dragon
1x Dark End Dragon
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
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PostSubject: Re: zombiedark synchro   Sun Oct 26, 2008 12:50 pm

First thing first, your deck has too many cards, try reducing the number of cards to 40 for higher chances of drawing the cards you need.


-Allure of Darkness, Hand Destruction and Card Destruction for draw power.

-Card of Safe Return (It is really a staple card for Zombie)

-Replace Different Dimension Capsule with Gold Sarcophagus

-Book of Life

-Burial from the Different Dimension

-Max out Goblin Zombie and Zombie Master

-Max out Solemn Judgment


-Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon (The only combo with this card I can see is with Zombie World)

-Grave Squirmer (Too slow and it is a fiend)

-Nercoface (You got Burial from the Different Dimension to recycle cards)

-Jinzo (Too situational and you got too many traps)

-Krebons (You got your carriers...)

-Magical Mallet (Explain to me how this help in your deck)

-Draining Shield/Negate Attack (No, just no)

-Radiant Mirror Force ( Replace it with Mirror Force instead)

-Sakuretsu Armor (Replace it with Dimensional Prison if you really want it)
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Junior Duelist
Junior Duelist

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PostSubject: Re: zombiedark synchro   Sun Oct 26, 2008 7:32 pm

hmm 2 me i think if u put mezuki u don nid 2 put book of life all do it is remove from play but burial from dd can make u have other monster reborn that is mezuki goblin u must max out n i don think that zombie deck nid so many trap cards!!!
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PostSubject: Re: zombiedark synchro   

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zombiedark synchro
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